Free Webinar/Video Series on

Leading, Selling, and Thriving

During the COVID-19 Pandemic


for 3/17 and 3/19

Make Better Decisions

Now more than ever, leaders want to make the best decisions they can for themselves, their employees, and their companies. But every decision seems to have both pros and cons. In these unprecedented times, the reality is that there are no “right” decisions and this requires new thinking, different solutions and unprecedented leadership.


for 3/18 and 3/20

Get Used to the New Normal

After this pandemic, it is unlikely that we'll go back to the old normal soon. People will have an innate fear of handshaking and crowded rooms for some time, and we need to keep that in mind as we develop new strategies to cope with a changing world. We'll share our thoughts on how to shift your thinking and your business development/sales process to take advantage of the New Normal.


Staying Calm in the Chaos

Some people can be calm in a storm, grounded during turbulent times. We'll share what we've learned about staying grounded, staying present, and managing your state of mind so that you can still enjoy life even in the midst of the pandemic. It's easy to feel out of control during these times, and we'll be sharing ways to take back control of your mind, emotions, and experiences.

These webinars will help you make sense of your options, provide insights on the wide range of intended and unintended impacts, suggest an approach to making sound decisions, and offer a path for your people and your company to emerge from the pandemic stronger than before.


Join Craig Mathews and Jeff Nischwitz, founders of Cardivera, for these interactive sessions on leadership through this COVID-19 pandemic.


Craig Mathews

CEO of Cardivera

Advisor and trainer on

Strategy, marketing, and leadership

Jeff Nischwitz

Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

Speaker, coach, author, and thought leader on

leadership, teams, and personal empowerment

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